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Find quality preschool programs in Rocklin, Lincoln, Roseville & Sacramento. Our preschool program is designed to develop the emotional, physical, cognitive and social needs of your child


Wishing Well Preschool’s beautiful country farm setting is the perfect environment for your child’s early learning experiences. Our gardens, lawns, fountains and play areas will allow your child to explore and learn about a multitude topics. More importantly, we provide a balanced program that promotes fun, a thirst for learning, play and academic readiness. Our program is designed to develop the emotional, physical, cognitive and social needs of your child through the latest advances in Early Childhood Education (ECE) in a truly unique and beautiful setting. The result is a program that gives your child the best components for their ongoing development.

Emotional needs are met by providing your child with a happy, stable learning environment that is filled with fun, discovery and excitement on a daily basis!! Self-esteem and self-confidence soar as your child realizes their self worth and importance to the group. Every child in our program is unique and special and is treated with respect and caring. Our staff truly loves children and they love what they do.

Physical development of fine and large motor skills are accomplished through numerous staff-initiated and child-initiated activities. Fine motor skills are developed through activities such as painting, coloring, cutting, lacing, stringing and drawing. Gross motor skills are developed through indoor games, dance, fitness activities and outdoor play. Outdoor activities are done in an enchanting play area with fantasy-like play structures. We have beautifully decorated gardens complete with exquisite lawn areas and fountains for exploring and playing, planting/garden areas for nature and science studies and small animals pens for care and feeding.

Cognitive skills are developed through our excellent program that promotes academic readiness. The curriculum incorporates both staff-initiated and child-initiated activities that teach topics that will prepare children to advance into kindergarten and elementary education levels. Shapes, colors, letters, reading and a variety of other topics that are developmentally and age-appropriate are covered. The environment at Wishing Well Country Preschools provides many opportunities for development such as recognizing the staff as an authority figure, development of good listening skills, following directions and completing assigned tasks, as well as making his/her own decisions, problem-solving and expressing creativity. Numerous activities provide all of the elements of fun, learning and accomplishment and are designed to help promote the types of skills and competence that will be a strong foundation to your child's continuing development.

Socialization and development of social skills are developed and advanced through a variety of unique activities and parties as well as day to day play and interaction with staff and peers. Parents will observe continual development of responsibility as your child discovers the self-esteem associated with their new found skills. They will be anxious to demonstrate their abilities by being a “good helper” and integrate as an important member of the family. Also, cultural enrichment is provided through dance, music, singing, art and drama.

Wishing Well Preschool looks for positive behavior and constantly reward the behavior with recognition and compliments. Children are good by nature, but sometimes their behavior is inappropriate. When this occurs, a child is gently reminded of what is appropriate and then redirected to a suitable activity. Our philosophy is that positive comments and good example produce positive behavior as well as a strong sense of self worth. Modeling the staff enables the child to learn what is acceptable in a social environment. Children learn by imitation and if they are treated with courtesy, they will in turn treat others with courtesy.

Each month at Wishing Well Preschool’s, activities are planned around a theme. Relating the daily program and activities to the theme allows children to correlate between one subject and another as well as carry experiences and skills with them throughout the month which constantly reinforce their acquired skills and knowledge.

It is our beautiful setting at Wishing Well Preschool that also allows your child to experience the “ science and nature” part of our program. There are beautiful gardens for planting fruits, vegetables, flowers and plants that provide elements of learning related to nature, science and life that are unavailable in other schools. Actual "fruits" of your child's activities will be brought home and will probably become treasured memories that last throughout a lifetime. These projects generate immense enjoyment in preschool children and are the basis of their perspectives of the real world as well as providing an exciting and fun environment that is rarely found at other centers. There are wonderful and colorful play structures for exploring, developing curiosity and development of motor skills.

Many years of development have gone into our program and environment, and the result is a “complete child” curriculum that is unique to our Centers, and in addition, exceeds the requirements necessary for academic preparedness. Wishing Well Preschool’s beautiful setting and excellent program provide enjoyment, discovery, learning, fun and a strong foundation for your child’s continuing development in school as well as life.