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The mission of Wishing Well Preschool is to provide quality preschool education to your children in Roseville, Lincoln, Sacramento & Rocklin
Our unique preschools in Roseville, Lincoln, Sacramento & Rocklin incorporate over 1 acre of state of the art classrooms with beautiful gardens

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Our preschools in Sacramento, Roseville, Lincoln & Rocklin have unique environment that incorporates 1 ¼ acres of state-of-the-art classrooms with beautiful gardens


The creation of Wishing Well Preschool arose out of the need to provide a top quality learning experience to preschool age children in a unique and beautiful country farm/classroom setting. This unique environment incorporates 1 ¼ acres of state-of-the-art classrooms with beautiful gardens, lawns, fountains and play areas that allow your child to play, explore and learn.

Our Director, Tina Thorn, has been teaching preschool children for over 20 years and she has previously been the Director at various prestigious preschools in the community for the past 10 years. Tina also has a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from the California State University in Sacramento as well as other numerous teaching credentials and certifications. Tina is happiest when caring for children and animals. The format of her preschool is composed of an outstanding academic readiness skills training and an emphasis on socializing children in a group setting outside of their familial niche. The format also includes music, reading, science, nature studies, gardening, drama, manipulatives, art, phonemic recognition, crafts and care and feeding of small animals. Our program is varied throughout the day so your child will always be entertained, excited and learn to socialize with other children. We accept Children 2 years and 9 months old that have been potty trained, through 4 years and nine months old. We have 2 day per week and 3 day per week programs available.

Tina is a married mother of three. She knows of the love, aspirations and concerns parents have for their children when only the best will do. "Your child needs to be with teachers who truly care about and respect the child as an individual. Teaching needs to be positive and enthusiastic and always setting a stellar example as a role model. It is vital that your child have a positive experience with their first teacher, which sets the tone of the child's approach and attitude towards the future." Tina adds that "If school is fun and teachers are caring, learning is exciting and your child will approach future schooling with eager enthusiasm and a quest for learning." Tina assures parents that their child will love the preschool and feel good about themselves and others based upon their experiences which will build high self esteem and respect for others.

We have a constantly changing variety of indoor activities that encompass manipulatives, dramatic play areas, science and nature tables, reading areas, obstacle courses and exploration areas. We also have a large variety of interesting, stimulating and entertaining toys and play centers that aid in fine motor skill development and eye-hand coordination.

Our outdoor setting is separated into two areas. The first is a fantastic play area that that is complete with slides, swings, forts and playhouses so your child can explore and play while they develop their large motor skills and learn to socialize with their peers. The second area is a beautiful garden setting where children can plant and tend to vegetables, flowers and fruits and interact with small animals (bunny, goat). We also have an area where we periodically have outdoor crafts projects that are fun and exciting. Our program also incorporates a “circle time” where the children gather for a short educational event for learning as well as music, singing and dance.

You can leave your child with us and feel secure knowing that our trained staff and our completely enclosed facilities offer you the best in safety and security. Your child will be under the constant observation of personnel that are trained in your child’s needs and requirements while you are free to attend to life’s daily activities or just have time to yourself to relax. Tina would love to give your family a personal tour of the facilities.